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Skid Mounted Hydraulic Rig,Skid Mounted Drilling Machine

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Skid mounted hydraulic rig works through PLC to realize intelligent driller control for drilling rig, and achieve data storage, printing and remote transmission. This skid mounted drilling machine is suitable for various oil, gas well drilling and exploration under 4000m at home and abroad.

Structure Principles and Features
1. Broadband high-power electric motor drive realizes full process stepless speed regulating of drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps.
2. Use hydraulic disk brake and motor dynamic braking to brake, with reliable performance.
3. Auto-driller real time monitoring trip and drilling operating condition.
4. Intelligent traveling block monitoring system is available.

Technical Parameters of Skid Mounted Hydraulic Rig

S/N Description Parameters
1 Nominal drilling depth 2500 to 4000m(114mmDP)
2000 to 3200m(127mmDP)
2 Max. hook load 2250kN
3 Drawworks rated power 800kW(1000HP)
4 Drawworks gears ⅠGear, step-less speed regulating
5 Max. wireline number of Traveling system 10
6 Drilling wireline dia. φ32mm
7 Rotary table opening dia. 698.5mm (27 1/2)
8 Rotary table gears of skid mounted drilling machine ⅠGear, step-less speed regulating
9 Mud pump type & number F-1300 mud pumps 2 sets
10 Mast type and effective Front opening type 43m
11 Substructure type & Box block type 7.5m
12 Clearance of skid mounted hydraulic rig 6.3m
13 Rotary table electric transmission type AC-DC-AC
14 Control mode 1 to control 2

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