Standard Aluminum Plate Fin Type Heat Exchanger

Mobile Trailer Type Generator Set,Trailer-mounted Generator Set,Mobile Generator Sets

Feature of Mobile Trailer Type Generator Set 1. This mobile trailer type generator set is suitable for outdoor and maneuverability operation. 2. The wheel chassis traction device helps to fix the generator and adjust the balance. 3. Turn signal, brake light and tail light are designed according to transport safety standards. 4. Cable reel can be pre-assembled, convenient for customer’s operation. 5. Single-axle or tandem-axle trailer and parking brake. 6. External fuel port of this trailer-mounted generator set facilitates fueling.......

Tags: Mobile Diesel Generator Sets | Mobile Diesel Gensets | Heavy Duty Diesel Generator Sets | Skid Mounted Type Diesel Generator

Container Type Generator Set,Diesel Powered Genset,Container Generator

1. Noise reduction shutter of back air intake 2. Rain cap of smoke outlet 3. External oil filler (with lock) 4. Noise reduction shutter of side air intake 5. Maintenance door 6. Sound and light alarm 7. Top water fill cap 8. Ladder 9. Oil level observation window 10. Supply box 11. Breaker outlet 12. Output box 13. Inspection box 14. Emergency stop 15. Forklift hole 16. Front exhaust shutter 17. Reserve top exhaust outlet 18. Top lifting lug 19. Maintenance door 20. Reduction shutter door of side air intake 21. Waste water outlet......

Tags: Diesel Electric Generators | Three-phase Generator Sets | Electric Power Generator Sets | Home Backup Power Generators | Container Type Silent Generators

Silent Type Generator Set,Soundproof Diesel Generator Set,Silent Genset

Parts of Silent Type Generator Set 1. Canopy 2. Safety lock 3. Control panel 4. Emergency stop button 5. Base 6. Towing Hole 7. Forklift Hole 8. Receptacle......

Tags: Large Power Generator Sets | Silent Portable Generator Sets | Silent Diesel Gensets | Air-cooled Diesel Gensets

Open Type Generator Set,Open Type Genset,Open Type Diesel Generator Set

Parts of Open Type Generator Set 1. Radiator 2. Safety shield 3. Engine 4. Air filter 5. Integrated base fuel tank/base frame 6. Alternator 7. Control panel 8. Anti-vibration device......

Tags: Marine Generator Sets | Prime Power Generator Sets | Emergency Standby Power Generator Sets | Water Cooled Diesel Generator Sets

Industrial Generator Set,Commercial Diesel Generator Set

Our generator sets are divided into open, silent, container and mobile trailer type gensets. These industrial generator sets feature:......

Tags: Commercial Mobile Generator Sets | Diesel Engine Powered Gensets | Portable Generator Sets | Air-cooled Diesel Generator Sets

Plate Rolling Machine,Plate Bending Machine,Roll Bending Machine

We offer a wide range of plate rolling machines, including two, three roll and four roll plate bending machines, symmetrical and asymmetrical roll bending machines, as well as marine and vertical plate rolling machines. Our roll bending machines are flexible, so it’s not easy for the plate surface to easily get wear and tear. The obvious merit for our plate bending machine is that we can use them to roll circular, conical, elliptical, and customized shapes of plates.......


Vertical Plate Rolling Machine,Vertical Bending Roll,Vertical Roll Bending Machine

Vertical plate rolling machine is a general device designed for rolling thin plates and large diameter workpieces. This vertical bending roll features simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Its two side pillars can make parallel movement along its centerline, and the distance between these side pillars is adjustable. When using this vertical roll bending machine, the operator should place the steel plate between the roll and the pillar. The pinch roll uses hydraulic pressure to press the steel plate against the roll, and the two side pillars put forward towards the roll’s direction to bend the steel plate, then they will return to their original positions. The drive roll of this vertical plate rolling machine makes the steel plate move a certain distance, then side pillars will put forward again to bend the steel plate. By making this repetitive movement, this vertical bending roll can bend the steel plate into a circular plate.......

Tags: Vertical Rolls | Vertical Plate Bender | Vertical Plate Rolls | Vertical Plate Bending Roll | Vertical Sheet Bending Rolls

Marine Plate Rolling Machine,Marine Plate Bending Machinery

Marine plate rolling machine can be used to roll super wide arc-shaped parts. It is designed with double pinch 3 roll symmetrical structure. The top roll moves up and down on the symmetrical central position of the two bottom rolls, and the lower rolls make rotational movement, providing torque to the rolling plate. A rigid beam is designed at the top of the machine’s top roll, and multiple sets of carrier rollers are set between the top roll and the beam, in an effort to increase the rigidity of this marine plate rolling machine’s top roll. Similarly, several sets of carrier rollers at the bottom of the two lower rolls are designed to increase the rigidity of these bottom rolls.......

Tags: Marine Plate Bending Rolls | Marine Plate Bending Equipment | 4 Roll Marine Plate Bending Roll | Marine Plate Forming Machinery

Multifunctional Plate Rolling Machine,Universal Bending Machine

Our multifunctional plate rolling machine is primarily applied to roll certain plates into arc, drum, triangle, oval, etc. The basic working principle of this universal bending machine is to curve and roll. Our multifunctional plate rolling machine is extensively applied in industries like chemical, petroleum, boiler, cement, aviation, water conservancy, shipbuilding, power transmission towers and other machineries.......

Tags: Hydraulic Plate Coiling Machine | Hydraulic Metal Sheet Bending Rolls | Hydraulic Roll Bending Machinery | Metal Plate Bending Equipment

Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine,Asymmetrical Roll Bending Machine

Asymmetrical plate rolling machine, also known as asymmetrical 3 roll bending machine, is designed with a three-roller asymmetrical structure with the top roll as the main drive and the lower roll moving vertically to tightly clamp the plate. The main drive comes from the gear between gear of the top roll and the lower roll. The side roller makes elevating movement and performs bending and rolling functions. This asymmetrical plate rolling machine features compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance. It is widely utilized in chemical, petroleum, boiler, machinery manufacturing, steel structure and fabrication of various cylindrical barrels.......

Tags: Asymmetrical Roll Forming Machine | Hydraulic Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machinery | Mechanical Asymmetrical Plate Bending Rolls | Asymmetrical 3 Roll Metal Plate Bending Machine

Standard Aluminum Plate Fin Type Heat Exchanger


Plate Rolls, China Plate Rolls Supplier and Manufacturer

Our plate rolls are designed and built to accurately form metal from gauge thickness through 14" thick and larger, and can be custom designed to meet specific applications...

Tags: Carbon Steel Rolling Machines | Plate Forming Machinery | Steel Plate Shearing Equipment | 2-Roller Rolling Machinery

Pusher Type Furnace

Pusher type furnace is mainly suitable for metal powder (like tungsten, moly, etc.) reduction and powder metallurgy part sintering....

Tags: Vertical Carbonization Tube Furnaces | Horizontal Vacuum Pyrolysis Furnaces | Vacuum Pyrolysis Furnaces

Corrugated Galvalume Steel Sheet for Roofing Tile, China Corrugated Galvalume Steel Sheet for Roofing Tile Supplier and Manufacturer

The surface treatment of the corrugated galvalume steel sheet for roofing tile is chromed passivation, anti-fingerprint, skin-passed....

Tags: N-(3-Methyldimethoxysilylpropyl)ethylenediamine | Aminoethylaminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane | 14 Gauge Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet | Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet | Color Coated Corrugated Steel Sheet

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