Slitting Line,Sheet Metal Slitting Machine

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Slitting Line,Sheet Metal Slitting Machine

Slitting Line


This slitting line includes supportable table, coil car, hydraulic uncoiler, sheet guiding equipment, leveling system, shearing equipment, liner equipment, slitting equipment, coil arm, electric controlling system and recoiler equipment.

Features of Sheet Metal Slitting Machine
1. Supportable table support the material steel coil, so the coil car can feed the coil into the hydraulic uncoiler.
2. Coil car is made of v elevator, lifting oilcan, lifting post, main motor, reducer, train transfer equipment and railway, which has the function of lifting and moving.
3. Hydraulic uncoil consists of the frame, railway, hydraulic cylinder, washer and hydraulic oilcan.
4. Sheet guiding equipment: it consists of flexing supporter panel and oilcan.
5. Rectify equipment consists of one stand of rolls, which can adjust the rolls distance to adapt to different thickness. 
6. Shearing equipment can cut at the length when you need.
7. Middle Bridge 1#: guiding the sheet when the sheet twists.
8. Fix the width equipment: limited rolls is mainly adjust the width from 500 mm to 1600 mm at high speed.
9. Slitting equipment consists of the fixable base and movable base,
10. The waste side recoiler: recoiler the waste side after slitting.
11. Middle Bridge 2#: reduce the speed
12. Separate equipment consists of separate rolls and its base, assuring every strip go ahead in their orbits.
13. Recoiler Equipment: Main power: 90kW
14. Hydraulic supporter make the recoil shaft to get more capacity.
15. The unload coil car is near the uncoiler car.
16. Hydraulic pneumatic system consists of motor, oil pump, hydraulic value, oil tank, oilcan, hydraulic pipe, cylinder and value, which control the whole line hydraulic move. Main power: 11kW, Oil pump: pv1-23 (the speed is 33L/min) System pressor: 14Mpa, Air original presser 0.7Mpa.(0.9m3/min).
17. Electrical control consists of the standard electric box, main control panel, vice control panel and the switch box. the whole line including the slitting speed, spot slitting and continuous slit is under control.

Technical Parameters of Slitting Line

Material Specification
Galvanized steel sheet at stress 235Mpa (33ksi). less than 450Mpa.
0.3 to 3.0 mm
Coil width
500 to 1600mm
Coil inner diameter
508 to 610mm
Coil out diameter
less than 2000mm
Max coil weight
Product coil inner diameter
Product coil out diameter
less than 1500mm
Product coil weight
Production speed
0 to 120m/min
The slit width tolerance of sheet metal slitting machine
+-0.05 at thickness 0.5 to 1.0mm
+-0.1mm at thickness 1.1 to 2.0mm
+-0.15mm at thickness 2.1 to 3.0mm
Slitting straighten tolerance
the slitting burr
less than 0.05mm
Min slit width
The slit strip quantity
20 strips
The waste edge
3 to 15mm
The quantity of waste edge
The Max weight of waste edge
less than 150kgs/roll
The main power
The weight of the line
about 68T
The dimension of the line

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