Semi-auto Top Stop Machine,China Metal Top Stop Zipper Equipment Supplier

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Semi-auto Top Stop Machine,China Metal Top Stop Zipper Equipment Supplier

Semi-auto Top Stop Machine (TYM-213M)



Semi-auto top stop machine is applied for cutting and fixing double top stops for metal zipper. Top stop are made of brass stop wires. Automatic machine is also available.


1. Metal top stop zipper equipment is an auxiliary machine with automatic line.
2. One machine is suitable for one size.
3. With its simple structure and reasonable design, this machine is easy to operate and maintain.

Parameters of Semi-auto Top Stop Machine

Model TYM-213M
Average Output 600pcs/60cm/H
Power 1/4 HP
Frequency 50HZ
Voltage 1 Phase 220V
Dimension (L×W×H) 50cm × 35cm × 132cm
Net Weight 63kg

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