Portable Nail Tools

Laser Welded Diamond Tool,Diamond Blades,Core Drill Bits

Our laser welded diamond tools, which include diamond blades, core drill bits, boring bits for cutting and processing various construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, green concrete, bricks, stones, ceramics and glass, etc., are enjoyed by users from over 40 countries and regions across the world with their extensive categories, various specifications and excellent quality.......

Tags: Continuous Rim Diamond Blades | Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blades | Sintered Diamond Blades | Electroplated Diamond Blades

Electroplated Diamond Tool,Electroplated Diamond Grinding Tool

Tebon specializes in designing and manufacturing a number of electroplated products, including diamond grinding wheel, diamond laps, diamond discs, etc., bringing our application and manufacturing experience together to provide high quality products, which exhibit superior performance, even in the most demanding applications.......

Tags: Cylindrical Grinding Wheel | Diamond Circular Saw Blades | CBN Grinding Wheels | Resin-bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

Heli-portable Rig,Helicopter-portable Drilling Rig,China Drill Rig Manufacturer

Cortech heli-portable rig is designed to facilitate fast rig moves under some special environments, such as swamp and mountainous region, via helicopter lifting. Our helicopter-portable drilling rig can be customized to cater for a higher specification or cost-competitive configuration based on customers’ requirements.......

Tags: Oilfield Drilling Equipment | Tractor Mounted Drilling Rigs | Hydraulic Crawler Drill Rigs | Hydraulic Powered Multi-Purpose Drilling Rigs

Man Portable Drilling Rig, Diamond Drilling Machine, Drill Rig

Man portable drilling rig is specially designed for diamond drilling at inaccessible locations. Its modular design makes it extremely convenient to disassemble the this diamond drilling machine into small light pieces and makes it easier to transport this drill rig to the working site.......

Tags: Oil Drilling Machines | DTH Cum Rotary Drilling Rigs | Core Cum DTH Drill Rigs | Crawler Drilling Rigs

Beauty Nail Lamp

Beauty Nail lamp are used for drying the nail polish during the manicure and pedicure process. They are suitable for both professional salon and home use. We offer two kinds of nail lamp: LED nail lamp and UV nail lamp.......

Tags: LED Gel Lamps | UV Gel Nail Lamps | Gel Curing Nail Dryers | Nail Drying Lamps

Nail Dryers,LED Nail Dryer,UV Nail Dryer,China Nail Dryer Supplier

Nail dryers are designed to provide professional salon-like results in seconds. We offer two kinds of nail dryers: LED nail dryer and UV nail dryer. These nail dryers are suitable for both home and salon use......

Tags: Fingernail Polish Dryers | Nail Polish Dryers | Nail Varnish Dryers | Gel Nail Dryer Kit

Electric Nail Device,Nail Dryer,Nail Lamp,Manicure Machine,Depilatory Heater

We offer a whole set of electric nail devices used in your manicure and pedicure processes for ease of use and great effect. These devices ranging from nail dryer, nail lamp, manicure machine to paraffin wax warmer, depilatory heater, ultrasonic cleaner, UV sterilizer, electric heated mitts and booties, etc.......

Tags: Electric Nail Care Devices | Electric Nail Files | Electric Nail Polisher | Electric Nail File System

Nail Cosmetics,3D Peel Off Polish,Gel Polish Set,Base Coat,Top Coat

We offer a variety of nail cosmetics for customers to choose from, including peel off polish, 3D peel off polish, gel polish set. Each category has a number of different colors to satisfy your manicure needs. YOURSMART peel off polish and 3D peel off polish are odorless and environmentally-friendly peel off gels that last much longer than water-based nail polish.......

Tags: Gel Polish Kits | UV/LED Gel Nails | Shellac Polishes | Gel Polishes

Drilling Tools,Shank Rods, Shank Adaptors,Button Bits

Drilling tools, such as shank rods, shank adaptors and button bits, are accessories of different kind of drilling jumbo or drilling machine. Our drilling tools we supply have been maintaining the leading position in quality, variety and capacity in China.......

Tags: Mining Drilling Tools | Shank Rods | Shank Adaptors | Button Bits

Portable Cutter for Rebar or Steel Rod,China Rebar Portable Cutter Manufacturer

Electric portable rebar cutter shares large overseas and domestic markets, because of its light weight, small size, easy operation and high performance.......

Tags: Portable Cutter for Rebar or Steel Rod | Rebar Portable Cutter | Rebar Processing Machinery Equipment | Rebar Processing Solutions

Portable Nail Tools


24W White Light LED Nail Dryer

Ladies, you won’t need to wait any longer to dry your nails with the 24W White Light LED Nail Dryer. Simply place your finger or toenails under the white LED light to enjoy freshly cured nails....

Tags: 22W Nail Lamp | Smart Gel Nail Dryer

Portable CPAP Machine,China Portable CPAP Device Supplier

Portable CPAP machine is an affordable, lightweight, slickly designed and technologically advanced machine which should satisfy even the most fastidious patient....

Tags: Portable CPAP Machinery | Portable CPAP Devices | Medical Portable CPAP Device | Medical Portable CPAP Equipment

Emergency Portable Oxygen Ventilator,China Oxygen Ventilator Manufacturer

Emergency portable oxygen ventilator is suitable for children or adult, can be widely used in hospital room, ICU or emergency room, including IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, SIGH, MANUAL, PEEP etc....

Tags: Emergency Portable Oxygen Ventilation Machine | Portable Oxygen Ventilator | Portable Oxygen Ventilation Equipment | Portable Oxygen Ventilation Machinery

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