Portable Nail Station

Heli-portable Rig,Helicopter-portable Drilling Rig,China Drill Rig Manufacturer

Cortech heli-portable rig is designed to facilitate fast rig moves under some special environments, such as swamp and mountainous region, via helicopter lifting. Our helicopter-portable drilling rig can be customized to cater for a higher specification or cost-competitive configuration based on customers’ requirements.......

Tags: Oilfield Drilling Equipment | Tractor Mounted Drilling Rigs | Hydraulic Crawler Drill Rigs | Hydraulic Powered Multi-Purpose Drilling Rigs

Man Portable Drilling Rig, Diamond Drilling Machine, Drill Rig

Man portable drilling rig is specially designed for diamond drilling at inaccessible locations. Its modular design makes it extremely convenient to disassemble the this diamond drilling machine into small light pieces and makes it easier to transport this drill rig to the working site.......

Tags: Oil Drilling Machines | DTH Cum Rotary Drilling Rigs | Core Cum DTH Drill Rigs | Crawler Drilling Rigs

Central Distribution Station, Material Distribution Station

TMDS series central material distribution station plays its role in distributing raw materials to each storage hopper. This central distribution station is designed with quick couplings for easy assembly and disassembly. It’s made of stainless steel, preventing the raw materials from being contaminated. Five dimensions are available with this central distribution station.......

Tags: Material Distribution Equipment | Material Distribution System | Central Raw Material Distribution Station

Central Control Station,PLC Control System,Central Control System

Central control station is the controller of the entire central feeding system. It can be programmed based on actual demands to monitor the feeding system, remove dust, feed materials, send alarms, etc. This central control system has a wide range of reliable capabilities that can be easily expanded, and it can support up to 36 machines running simultaneously.......

Tags: PLC Control Unit | PLC Controllers | Programmable Logic Controllers | Programmable Controllers

4 Stations Stretch Blow Moulding Machine,Stretch Blow Molding Machinery

4 stations stretch blow moulding machine is used for producing many kinds of containers, like IV solution bottle, oral liquid bottle, liquid medicine bottle, tablet bottle, capsule bottle, LED lamp cover, cosmetics bottle, detergent bottle, collutory bottle, milk bottle, condiment container, salad dressing container, drinking water bottle, etc.......

Tags: 4 Stations Injection Blow Moulding Machine | 4 Stations Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machinery | Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machinery | Stretch Blow Moulding Machinery

Beauty Nail Lamp

Beauty Nail lamp are used for drying the nail polish during the manicure and pedicure process. They are suitable for both professional salon and home use. We offer two kinds of nail lamp: LED nail lamp and UV nail lamp.......

Tags: LED Gel Lamps | UV Gel Nail Lamps | Gel Curing Nail Dryers | Nail Drying Lamps

Nail Dryers,LED Nail Dryer,UV Nail Dryer,China Nail Dryer Supplier

Nail dryers are designed to provide professional salon-like results in seconds. We offer two kinds of nail dryers: LED nail dryer and UV nail dryer. These nail dryers are suitable for both home and salon use......

Tags: Fingernail Polish Dryers | Nail Polish Dryers | Nail Varnish Dryers | Gel Nail Dryer Kit

Electric Nail Device,Nail Dryer,Nail Lamp,Manicure Machine,Depilatory Heater

We offer a whole set of electric nail devices used in your manicure and pedicure processes for ease of use and great effect. These devices ranging from nail dryer, nail lamp, manicure machine to paraffin wax warmer, depilatory heater, ultrasonic cleaner, UV sterilizer, electric heated mitts and booties, etc.......

Tags: Electric Nail Care Devices | Electric Nail Files | Electric Nail Polisher | Electric Nail File System

Nail Cosmetics,3D Peel Off Polish,Gel Polish Set,Base Coat,Top Coat

We offer a variety of nail cosmetics for customers to choose from, including peel off polish, 3D peel off polish, gel polish set. Each category has a number of different colors to satisfy your manicure needs. YOURSMART peel off polish and 3D peel off polish are odorless and environmentally-friendly peel off gels that last much longer than water-based nail polish.......

Tags: Gel Polish Kits | UV/LED Gel Nails | Shellac Polishes | Gel Polishes

Portable Nail Station


Single-station Injection Blow Molding Machine,PET Blow Molding Machine

Single-station Injection Blow Molding Machine 3 preforms per injection cycle with the single blow mold operating at three times per cycle. This ratio optimizes the cycle of the machine while reducing blow mold cavities for lower investment costs....

Tags: PET Blow Molding Machine | Single-station Blow Molding Machine | Single-station Injection Blow Molding Machinery | Injection Blow Molding Machine for PET containers

Natural Gas Power Station for Electric Drilling Rig, China Natural Gas Power Station Supplier and Manufacturer

With excellent instant response capability and high reliability, natural gas power station is mainly used to supply main power for and satisfy performance requirements of electric drilling rigs....

Tags: Sewage Gas Generator Set | Coal Bed Gas Genset | Coalbed Gas Generator Set | Coal Bed Gas Generator Set

Stationery Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

Details Min. Order:1 Set/Sets Unit Price:FOB 5000~10000 USD Payment Type:T/T,L/C Transportation:Ocean Productivity:100sets/year Packaging:Wooden case Delivery Time:30 Days Place of Origin:China Supply Ability: 3sets/month Certificate:CE/ISO9001-2008...

Tags: Stationery Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine | Stationery Horizontal Flow Packing Machine | Stationery Flow Wrapping Machine | New Chilli Powder And Packing Machine | Mult function Packaging Machine

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