Pharmaceutical Lifting Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment,Curving Machine,Embossing Machine,Slitting Line,Cut to Length Line

We purchase auxiliary equipment according to customers' requirements. Those accessory components and devices, including curving machine, embossing machine, slitting line, cut to length line belong to auxiliary purchasing equipment in our main products. These equipment have high configuration so that labor power can be saved and the operation is safe.......

Tags: Embossing Machine | Slitting Line | Curving Machine | Auxiliary Machinery | Cut to Length Line

Mining Skip,Mobile Belt Conveyor,Battery Locomotive,Rail Line Concrete Mixer Truck

We offer other equipment such as mining skip, mobile belt conveyor, battery locomotive, rail line concrete mixer truck, etc.......

Tags: Belt Conveyer | Coal Road Heading Equipment | Tunnel Road Heading Equipment | Mining Haulage Equipment

Rock Drilling Equipment,China Rock Drilling Equipment Supplier

As a professional manufacturer of rock drilling equipment, Lanxiang can provides a variety of rock drills to meet your different drilling requirements, such as single boom jumbo, double boom jumbo, hydraulic crawler drilling jumbo, underground jumbo drill, etc.......

Tags: drilling equipment | hydraulic bolter drill | bolter drill | Tunnel Drill

Seawater Desalination Equipment,Seawater Desalinator

Our J&D middle to large scale JND-SW series seawater desalination equipment is suitable to be used in sea islands, troop stations and sea shore cities short of water.......

Tags: Seawater Desalination Unit | Seawater Desalination Machine | Water Treatment System | Seawater Desalinator

Household Water Treatment Equipment,Water Treatment Machine

J&D water treatment machine adopts reverse osmosis system with sterilizing system, which is primarily used to produce drinking water. Household water treatment equipment is applicable for small area water supplying in enterprises, institutions, schools, hotels and communities, etc.......

Tags: Household Water Treatment System | Water Treatment Machinery | Household Water Treatment Unit | Household Water Treatment Machine

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment,Water Purifying Machine

JND RO1000 Reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment is popularly used for drinking water treatment, industrial waste treatment and so on. Additionally, they are also used in medical, agricultural and chemical industries to purify water.......

Tags: Pure Water Treatment Equipment | RO Pure Water Treatment Unit | RO Pure Water Treatment System | RO Pure Water Treatment Equipment

Automatic Beer Brewing Equipment,Beer Making Equipment

This automatic beer brewing equipment comes with a wide selection of capacity, from 100 to 2000L. Thus, it can be used as the beer making equipment for small scale beer factories, or a piece of commercial brewery equipment for draft beer brewing in pubs, hotels, and tourist sites.......

Tags: Beer Filling Capping Machine | Beer washing Filling Capping Machine | Beer Filling Machine | Beer Making Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment......


Pharmaceutical Machinery

Pharmaceutical Machinery......


Pharmaceutical Production Line

Pharmaceutical Production Line......


Pharmaceutical Lifting Equipment


Mineral Water Treatment Equipment,Mineral Water Treatment Plant

Mineral Water treatment equipment has a wide range of variants which meet our clients specific requirements of Rinsing filling capping bottles of various sizes. The Equipment is a fully automatic consisting of In-Feed air conveyor followed by rinser filler capper which Rinses, fills and caps and finally a discharge conveyor....

Tags: Mineral Water treatment Machine | Mineral Water Treatment Plant | bottled water packaging equipment | Mineral Water packaging equipment

Tunnel Excavation Equipment, China Tunnel Excavation Equipment Supplier and Manufacturer

Cut and cover tunnel which is constructed in a shallow trench and then covered over....

Tags: coal cart | ore car | Deep Hole Drill Rig | Drill Rig

Water Softening Equipment, China Water Softening Equipment Supplier and Manufacturer

Underground water while passing through picks up soluble bits of substances and becomes contaminated. This type of contaminated water is unfit for drinking....

Tags: Mild steel water softening equipment | Water Softening plant | Stainless steel water softening equipment

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