Household Water Treatment Unit

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CMD 100 is API certified, hydraulic drilling rig that is specifically designed for vertical or directional drilling operations in shallow oil & gas, coal-bed methane(CBM, CSG) and geothermal, with air, mud or foam drilling techniques. This geothermal drilling equipment can also be used for fast mine rescue and core drilling.......


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Cortech manufactures a full line of compact, powerful water well drilling rigs. Our CMD30 and CMD60 rigs are ideally suited for water well applications and come with a wide variety of accessory choices to help with the most demanding jobs.......

Tags: Down-the-hole Drill Rigs | Borehole Water Well Drillers | Lightweight Water Well Drills | Carrier Mounted Water Well Drills

Central Filter Unit,Dust Filter Equipment,China Central Filter Unit Manufacturer

The central filter unit mainly consists of dust collector, blower and stainless steel tube. It can filter the dust and small impurities in the material based on specific demands of customers with reduced labor costs.......

Tags: Dust Filter Unit, Air Filter Unit | Central Filter Equipment | Dust Disposal Unit | Portable Filtration Unit

Ceramic Water Dispenser,Ceramic Drinking Dispenser

No power supply,energy saving. Used in home,office or school. Chinese element water dispenser.......

Tags: Ceramic Drinking Dispenser | Pipeline water dispenser | Ceramic Drink Dispenser | Filtered Water Dispenser

Mini Water Dispenser,Mini Drinking Dispenser

Mini water dispenser, for its compact size, can be used in bedroom, office, and kitchen and so on. For more related products, please directly contact with J&D, a China water dispenser supplier.......

Tags: Bottle water dispenser | Ceramic Water Dispenser

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser 280L,Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser

Hot tank provides a capacity of 1.2 liters while cold tank 3.8 liters. (Customized tank is available)......

Tags: Water Dispenser with Refrigerator | Compressor Cooling Drinking Water Dispenser

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser 28L-B,Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser

Hot tank provides a capacity of 1.2 liters while cold tank 3.8 liters. (Customized tank is available)......

Tags: Floor Stand Water Dispenser | Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Machine

Household Water Treatment Unit


We are a renowned Household Water Treatment Unit manufacturer and supplier in China. Our team of experienced and talented designers can design and manufacture specialized Household Water Treatment Unit to suit customers unique requirements. Our Company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and our Household Water Treatment Unit are CE certified. Therefore, our products are sought after by clients from America, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, and France, to name a few. In addition to quality products, we also provide excellent customer service. We can design and manufacture Household Water Treatment Unit and related products to customers specific demands, and we also offer equipment installation and user training services, as well as OEM service. Our helpful staff is ready and waiting to assist clients in selecting the proper equipment for their particular application. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We welcome worldwide customers and sales agents to partner with us.

Water Curtain Spray Booth

Made of cold plate, processing paint on the surface, with bolt connecting....

Tags: Water Curtain Booth for Bus | Water Curtain Car Booth | Water Curtain Truck Booth

Pump Engine Unit,China Pump Engine Unit Supplier

The pump engine unit can be associated with different drilling rigs or workover rigs. Its power can be diesel engine or motor. The transmission ways include belt, chain, gear, transmission shaft and other ways....

Tags: Skid Mounted Diesel Engine Pump Units | Skid Mounted Diesel Engine Pump | Diesel Engine Pump | Hydraulic Pump Unit | Pumping Unit

Water Softening Equipment, China Water Softening Equipment Supplier and Manufacturer

Underground water while passing through picks up soluble bits of substances and becomes contaminated. This type of contaminated water is unfit for drinking....

Tags: Mild steel water softening equipment | Water Softening plant | Stainless steel water softening equipment

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