High Pressure Hydrogen Compressor

High Voltage Generator Set,High Voltage Genset,High Voltage Diesel Genset

Calsion high voltage generator set combines well-known MTU, Perkins, Cummins diesel engine with high voltage Leroy-Somer, Stamford, Marathon, Engg alternators. These gensets cover voltage of 6.3KV, 6.6KV, 10.5KV, 11KVA, 13.8KV, etc. Also, we can offer generator sets with other frequency and voltage standards according to customer’s requirement. By integrating high voltage alternator or advanced voltage transform system, we are capable of designing and offering comprehensive solutions for any high voltage power generation.......

Tags: Diesel Powered Portable Generator Sets | Liquid Cooled Standby Generators | Diesel Powered Single Phase Generator Sets | Diesel Engine Standby Generators

Six-high Leveler,Six-high Roll Leveling Machine,Six-high Straightening Machine

This six-high leveler, also known as six-high straightening machine, is an upgraded model of the four-high leveler. The installation of intermediate rolls between the upper/lower work rolls and the backup rolls constitutes the six-high leveler structure. The backup rolls have to act directly on intermediate rolls to bend the work rolls, so it’s difficult to correct poor shape, but it does prevent stripping or marking the top and bottom of surface-critical materials.......

Tags: Metal Plate Leveler | Steel Plate Leveling Machinery | Precision Leveling Machinery | Heavy Plate Leveler | Five-high Leveler

Four-high Leveler,Four-high Roll Leveling Machine,Four-high Straightening Machine

Four-high leveler is a cold-rolled leveling device for sheet metals and strip plates. The four-high roll leveling machine can be either used alone, or used together with various rolling machines and uncoiling machines to constitute a main production line. Four-high straightening machine can be applied to shipbuilding, metallurgy, metal structure, boiler, machinery manufacturing and other industries. This four-high straightening machine adopts framework structure with its movable mold beam moving up and down and two rows of work rolls as the main roll. It is operated through mechanical transmission and electrical control. A four-high leveler has no intermediate rolls, so the backup rolls act directly on work rolls, simplifying roll bending and shape correction. This four-high roll leveling machine works best for leveling, but it may mark or strip the top and bottom of surface-critical materials.......

Tags: Plate Straightening Machine | Hydraulic Plate Leveling Machine | Mechanical Leveler | Electric Hydraulic Leveler

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine,Safety Barrier Roll Forming Machine

Liming warranties its safety barrier roll formers for a period of one year from the date of machine leaving our factory, if properly operated and maintained and used under normal conditions.......

Tags: Crash Barrier Roll Former | Expressway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine | Safety Barrier Manufacturing Equipment | Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Segmented High Rim Diamond Blade,Segmented Laser Diamond Blade

TGPE series segmented high rim diamond blade is used for cutting asphalt and asphalt over concrete with slant segments as undercut protection. This segmented laser diamond blade is engineered for abrasive materials for excellent performance and high cost efficiency.......

Tags: Abrasive Diamond Blades | Stone Turbo Diamond Blade | Vacuum Brazed Grinding Disc | Carbide Saw Blades

Desktop Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser

Both hot and cold tanks are made of high quality SS304 stainless steel. it adopt the material met food safety requirement, hygienic and safe.......


Floor Standing Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser

Regular hot tank size 1.2 liter, cold tank size 3.8 liter (hot and cold tank size can be made as per customer’s special request)......


Auto High Speed Stretch Blow Molding Machine,Stretch Blow Mold Machine

JND series of auto high speed stretch blow molding machine is widely used to produce varieties of PET plastic container and package for mineral water, beverage, oil, cosmetic and hot infusion, etc.......

Tags: High Speed Stretch Blower | Stretch Blow Mold Machinery | Auto Stretch Blowing Molding Machine | Stretch Blowing Molding Machine

Hydraulic Pressure Switch,China Pressure Switches Manufacturer

Hydraulic pressure switch is a form of switch that closes an electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached on its input.......

Tags: Hydraulic Plunger Pressure Switch | Plunger Type Pressure Switches | Hydraulic Accessories | Modular Accessories

Pressure Control Valve,China Modular Valve Supplie

The most common types of pressure control valves are the pressure relief valve and the pressure reducing valve. Pressure relief valves control the system pressure by relieving part, or all, of the flow to tank. Pressure reducing valves reduce the pressure supplied to a sub-system of a hydraulic system.......

Tags: Adjustable Pressure Relief Valves | Directly Operated Pressure Relief Valve | Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve | Modular Solenoid Relief Valve

High Pressure Hydrogen Compressor


High Vacuum Sintering Furnace

High vacuum sintering furnace is used in kinds alloy materials, components, magnetic rare earth materials, hydrogen storage alloy, activity and refractory metals vacuum sintering, aging heat treatments....

Tags: Mesh Belt Steam Treatment Furnaces | Multiple Tube Furnaces | Rotary Hearth Furnaces | Vacuum Hot Pressure Sintering Furnaces

High Pressure Gas Compressor, China High Pressure Gas Compressor Supplier and Manufacturer

High Pressure Gas Compressors were designed to offer big compressor reliability and service life in smaller machines....

Tags: High Pressure Gas Compressor System | High Pressure Gas Compressor | Breathing Air Gas Compressing System | Breathing Air Gas Compressing Equipment

High Speed Blanking Press, China High Speed Blanking Press Supplier and Manufacturer

Like all other high speed blanking press, our blanking press uses a welded steel frame, cast iron slide, and over-sized steel bolsters. This enables the press to deliver the best performance, ensuring longer die life and higher part quality...

Tags: High Speed Hydraulic Press Machine | High Speed Hydraulic Power Press | Mechanical Blanking Press Machine

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