Fully Welded Heat Exchanger Unit

Laser Welded General Purpose Blade,Diamond Saw Blade

Our laser welded general purpose blades are applicable for cutting materials such as brick, block, concrete, asphalt, etc. These diamond saw blades are universal tools used for different cutting practices.......

Tags: Vacuum Brazed Cutting Disc | Sintered Diamond Saw Blade | Diamond Tile Cutting Disc | Ceramic Tile Cutting Disc

Laser Welded Diamond Tool,Diamond Blades,Core Drill Bits

Our laser welded diamond tools, which include diamond blades, core drill bits, boring bits for cutting and processing various construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, green concrete, bricks, stones, ceramics and glass, etc., are enjoyed by users from over 40 countries and regions across the world with their extensive categories, various specifications and excellent quality.......

Tags: Continuous Rim Diamond Blades | Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blades | Sintered Diamond Blades | Electroplated Diamond Blades

Dry Laser Welded Stone Core Bit,Dry Cut Core Bit,Dry Cutting Diamond Core Bit

Tebon BGGD series dry laser welded stone core bits are engineered for drilling granites, porcelains, tiles, artificial and natural stones, etc. These dry cut core bits are equipped with premium grade diamonds for maximum cutting performance and long product life in wet cutting applications.......

Tags: Electroplated Drill Bits | Thin Wall Diamond Core Drill Bits | Crown Turbo Stone Core Bits | Crown Turbo Tile Core Bits | Hollow Core Bits

Wet Laser Welded Stone Core Bit,Wet Cut Core Bit

Tebon BGGW series wet laser welded stone core bits are engineered for drilling granites, porcelains, tiles, artificial and natural stones, etc. These wet cut core bits are equipped with premium grade diamonds for maximum cutting performance and long product life in wet cutting applications.......

Tags: Tile Core Bits | Granite Core Bits | Marble Core Bits | Wet Masonry Core Bits | Laser Welded Stone Core Bits

Central Filter Unit,Dust Filter Equipment,China Central Filter Unit Manufacturer

The central filter unit mainly consists of dust collector, blower and stainless steel tube. It can filter the dust and small impurities in the material based on specific demands of customers with reduced labor costs.......

Tags: Dust Filter Unit, Air Filter Unit | Central Filter Equipment | Dust Disposal Unit | Portable Filtration Unit

Semi-auto Reheat Stretch Blow Molding Machine,Bottle Blowing Machine

JND Semi-auto reheat stretch blow molding machine is suitable for manufacturing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles and hot-filling bottles, especially oil bottles with handles.......

Tags: Semi Auto Bottle Blower | Semi Auto Bottle Blowing Machine | PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine | Blowing Molding Machine for LDPE

Water Bath Sterilizer,China Superheated Water Sterilizer Manufacturer

Water bath sterilizer uses high temperature circulating water as sterilization medium, and carry out water-pouring sterilizing operation to LVP PP bottles.......

Tags: Continuous Water Bath Sterilization Machine | Superheated Water Sterilization Machine | Superheated Water Sterilizer | Water Bath Sterilizer Equipment

Paraffin Wax Warmer,DepilatoryHeater,China Wax Warmer Supplier

This series of products can be used as both paraffin wax warmer and depilatory heater. They have combined the functions of paraffin wax warmer and depilatory heater, and they can dissolve the wax evenly with auto constant temperature PTC heating element and high-quality circuit boards.......

Tags: Hot Paraffin Wax Warmer | Hot Wax Depilatory Heater | Roll-on Depilatory Wax Heater | Cartridge Depilatory Heater

Depilatory Heater,Wax Heater,China Depilatory Heater Manufacturer

This depilatory heater dissolves wax through heat generated by PTC heating elements. Our wax heater gives you all the benefits of hair removal through waxing, giving your skin that flawless and smooth feel you have always wanted.......

Tags: Depilatory Wax Heaters | Depilatory Roll-on Wax Heaters | Roll-on Wax Warmers | Depilatory Hair Removal Wax

Induction Heating Furnace,Vacuum Induction Heating Tube Furnace

Induction heating furnace is mainly applied for high temperature graphitization treatment of C/C, graphite, carbon fiber insulation refractory materials.......

Tags: Vacuum Induction Heating Tube Furnaces | Induction Heat Furnace | Induction Heating Equipment | Induction Heat Furnaces | Heating Treatment Furnace

Fully Welded Heat Exchanger Unit


Standard Plate Heat Exchanger, China Standard Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier and Manufacturer

The pattern of the Standard Plate Heat Exchanger is designed to solve a variety of different heat exchanger applications....

Tags: Standard Plate Heat Exchanger | Standard Plate Heat Exchanger Unit | Standard All-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger | Standard Aluminum Plate Fin Type Heat Exchanger | Standard Plate Type Brazed Heat Exchanger

Fully Welded Heat Exchanger, China Fully Welded Heat Exchanger Supplier and Manufacturer

Based on a multi-flexible configuration platform, the Fully Welded Heat Exchanger is designed to operate under harsh conditions where other heat exchanger technologies can fail, have a shorter operating lifetime, or reduce operational efficiency....

Tags: Fully Welded Heat Exchanger Unit | Welded Heat Exchanger | Fully Welded Light Weight Heat Exchanger | Heat Exchanger With Methanol Condenser | Fully Welded Flat Plate Heat Exchanger

Vacuum Induction Heating Reaction Sintering Furnace

Vacuum induction heating reaction sintering furnace adopts the medium frequency induction heating principle in a vacuum or inert gas conditions by allowing the induction coil generating an alternating magnetic field, and then the graphite crucible and the induction coil generates eddy currents were self-heating....

Tags: Pusher Type Heat Treatment Furnaces | Mesh Belt Steam Treatment Furnace for Powder Metallurgy | Multi-zone Tube Furnaces | Rotary Furnaces for Powder Metallurgy

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