Ductile Iron Ring Saw Blades

Shearing Machine,Metal Shearing Machinery,Precision Shearing Machine

Shearing machine, in simple words, is a device that shears metal sheets into parts. It can be divided into guillotine shear and swing beam shear in accordance with the design of shear. A metal shearing machinery is used for cutting sheet metals to sizes out of a larger flat stock or from roll stock.......


Manual Shearing Machine,Hand Guillotine Shear,Hand-operated Shearing Equipment

Manual shearing machine is designed with a new structure by using sliding rails and economic type special-purpose digital control system. This hand guillotine shear can be equipped with a light-weight pressure device to realize high shearing quality. Our hand-operated shearing equipment is easy to move, and is extensively used in the sheet metal industry. Besides, it is easy to operate with high precision.......

Tags: Throatless Manual Shear | Multi-purpose Manual Shear | Multi-purpose Throatless Sheet Metal Shear | Foot Shear

Precision Shearing Machine,High Precision Plate Shear,Plate Shearing Machine

Precision shearing machine is primarily used for straight cut of sheet metal, metal materials (mild steel with the ultimate tensile strength less than 450N/mm2), and non-metallic materials including rubber, plastic, etc. The temperature of hot shear plate should be less than 50°C. This high precision plate shear shears only for one time at full load. If it cuts sheet metal with a higher ultimate tensile strength, the shearing thickness should be largely reduced. This plate shearing machine is well-suited for general machinery, electronics, light, automobile industry, electrical industry and other industries.......

Tags: Foot Stomp Shears | Squaring Shears | Power Shears | Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears | High Accuracy Plate Shearing Machine

Mechanical Shearing Machine,Mechanical Guillotine Shear,Metal Plate Shearing

Mechanical shearing machine adopts advanced appliances (foot pedal and manual switch) with little noise and easy maintenance. Our mechanical guillotine shear, featuring attractive appearance and low energy consumption, uses integral steel welded structure that is simple and easy to operate. It can shear a large scale of materials and improve labor efficiency. Manufactured from raw materials of superior quality, our mechanical shearing machines are highly acclaimed for excellent quality and brilliant performance.......

Tags: Hydraulic Metal Shear | Sheet Metal Shearing Machinery | Treadle Guillotine Shear

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine,Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Cutting processes involves separating a piece of sheet metal by applying a great enough force to cause the material to fail. The most common cutting processes are carried out by using a shearing force, and are therefore sometimes called shearing processes......

Tags: Pneumatic Hydraulic Shear | Three Phase Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear | Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Shear | Hydraulic Medium Duty Shear

Leveling, Slitting and Shearing Line,Leveling and Cutting Line

Liming warranties its leveling, slitting and shearing line for a period of one year from the date of machine leaving our factory, if properly operated and maintained and used under normal conditions.......

Tags: Slitting and Cutting Line | Steel Slitting Line | Steel Coil Cut-to-length Line | Metal Sheet Leveling and Cutting Line

Diamond Wire Saw,Diamond Core Drilling Machine,China Diamond Wire Saw Manufacturer

We offer diamond wire saws and diamond core drilling machines used for quarries and block squaring of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. Advanced and reliable control system makes our diamond wire saws durable even in extreme quarry conditions.......

Tags: Endless Diamond Wire Saws | Diamond Multi-Wire Saws | Mono Wire Saw Machines | Diamond-impregnated Wire Saws

Diamond Drill Bit for Engineering Exploration,Geotechnical Core Drilling Bit

Diamond drill bit for engineering exploration features fast drilling speed and great tool life, especially suitable for short drilling in engineering, geotechnical and shallow mining investigation projects. For soft rocks, after drilling with our non-coring drill bits, users can directly carry out grouting, so as to accelerate the progress of project.......

Tags: Diamond Drill Bits for Grouting | Non-coring Drill Bits | Diamond Drill Bits for Tile | Diamond Drill Bits for Glass

CNC Diamond Wire Saw,CNC Diamond Wire Cutting Machine

Our CNC diamond wire saw is equipped with automatic control system and high-performance transducer to improve degree of automation and wiring efficiency. PLC digital controlling system and smart touch screen allow real-time display and monitor of working parameter.......

Tags: Precision Diamond Wire Saw | Horizontal Diamond Wire Saw | Vertical Diamond Wire Saw | Oscillating Wire Saw | Continuous Loop Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw,Wire Saw Machine,China Diamond Wire Saw Manufacturer

Designed and manufactured elaborately, this diamond wire saw is widely applicable for quarrying granite, marble and sandstone. Electric control of the position and rotation of flywheel ensures high degree of automation of this wire saw machine.......

Tags: Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Profiling | Diamond Wire Saw for Marble Block Squaring | Subsea Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw | Underwater Diamond Wire Saw | Reciprocating Wire Saws

Ductile Iron Ring Saw Blades


Single Speed Syringe Pump,China Single Speed Syringe Pump Supplier

The single speed syringe pump is specifically designed to infuse fluids at an exact and reproducible flow rate from either glass or plastic syringes. Model BSP syringe pumps are equipped with: Flow chart....

Tags: Microfluidics Syringe Pump | Single Speed Infusion Pump | Single Speed Injection Pump

coring drill rig, China coring drill rig Supplier and Manufacturer

The coring drill rig is the mobile crawler-mounted surface coring drill rig....

Tags: Borehole Geothermy Core Drilling Rig | Core Drilling Rig With Wire Line System | Wireline Coring Drilling Rig | Hydraulic Diamond Core Drilling Rig | Rotary Core Drilling Rig for Quarry

Cold Bar Shearing Machine, China Cold Bar Shearing Machine Supplier and Manufacturer

Cold Bar Shearing Machine offered is made available by us in precision designed and constructed finish so as to provide desirable support to the process of cutting bundle of bars after cooling process on cooling bed up to 800 mm blade length and 150 mm stroke (hydraulic/mechanical). Further, all internal parts of the offered machine come hardened as well as grinded with the outer body made available in fabricated or casted finish so as to provide optimum functional support. Some of the features these machines are recognized for include superior finish quality, robust construction support, corrosion resistant finish as well as delivering precision support in cutting finished product into desired lengths....

Tags: Alligator Shearing Machinery | Hot End Shearing Equipment | Snap Shearing Machine | Scrap Shearing Machine

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