Diamond Wire Rope

Diamond Wire Cutting Machine,Stone Cutting Machine

Our diamond wire cutting machines are widely used in cutting hard and brittle materials such as sapphire, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, silicon, alumina, alumina ceramics, gemstone, precious stone, magnetic materials, etc.......

Tags: Single Wire Saw Machine | Annular Diamond Wire Machine | Marble Cutting Machines | Limestone Cutting Machines | Granite Cutting Equipment

Diamond Cup Wheel,Cup Grinding Wheel,China Diamond Cup Wheel Manufacturer

Our diamond cup wheels are engineered for grinding cured concrete, hard granite and hard brick/block. These cup grinding wheels are silver brazed, and each and every segment is carefully checked according to EN13236 safety standard. We have designed multiple models with different specification for various applications.......

Tags: Arrow Cup Wheels | Diamond Floor Grinding Plates | Segmented Cup Wheels | Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel

Diamond Core Bit,Laser Welded Core Bit,China Diamond Core Bit Manufacturer

Tebon diamond core bits are designed to outperform standard core bits. With our technology, each and every diamond of our diamond core bits is placed exactly where optimum performance can be realized.......

Tags: Segmented Concrete Bits | Turbo Bits | Crown Bits | Vacuum Bond Core Bits | Deep Drilling Bits

Professional Diamond Blade,Professional Diamond Saw Blade,Professional Cutting Blade

Different from general purpose blades, professional diamond blades are designed for professional users to cut or grind roads, walls, etc. Therefore, higher performance and more sophisticated technique are required for these professional diamond saw blades.......

Tags: Masonry Cutting Blades | Ceramic Tile Diamond Blades | Ceramic Tile Saw Blades | Laser Welded Saw Blades

Diamond Drill Bit,Sintered Diamond Bits,Electroplated Diamond Bits

As one of the earliest manufacturers in China, we have started producing impregnated drill bits in 1970. Diamond drill bit is one of our most popular products. Every year, we produce more than 10,000 sintered diamond bits and electroplated diamond bits according to various standards.......

Tags: Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits | Single Tube Drill Bit | Double Tube Drill Bit | Wire Line Drill Bit

Laser Welded Diamond Tool,Diamond Blades,Core Drill Bits

Our laser welded diamond tools, which include diamond blades, core drill bits, boring bits for cutting and processing various construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, green concrete, bricks, stones, ceramics and glass, etc., are enjoyed by users from over 40 countries and regions across the world with their extensive categories, various specifications and excellent quality.......

Tags: Continuous Rim Diamond Blades | Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blades | Sintered Diamond Blades | Electroplated Diamond Blades

Electroplated Diamond Tool,Electroplated Diamond Grinding Tool

Tebon specializes in designing and manufacturing a number of electroplated products, including diamond grinding wheel, diamond laps, diamond discs, etc., bringing our application and manufacturing experience together to provide high quality products, which exhibit superior performance, even in the most demanding applications.......

Tags: Cylindrical Grinding Wheel | Diamond Circular Saw Blades | CBN Grinding Wheels | Resin-bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond Wire Saw,Diamond Core Drilling Machine,China Diamond Wire Saw Manufacturer

We offer diamond wire saws and diamond core drilling machines used for quarries and block squaring of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. Advanced and reliable control system makes our diamond wire saws durable even in extreme quarry conditions.......

Tags: Endless Diamond Wire Saws | Diamond Multi-Wire Saws | Mono Wire Saw Machines | Diamond-impregnated Wire Saws

Diamond Bit,Impregnated Diamond Drill Bit,China Diamond Bit Manufacutrer

Designed to cover all ground conditions, Tebon diamond bit are classified for soft (hardness between 1 and 5), medium (hardness between 6 and 9) and hard (hardness between 10 and 12) formations, with each classification suitably meet the demands of abrasive and broken conditions......

Tags: Impregnated Core Bits | Diamond Impregnated Mining Bits | Diamond Cutter | Natural Diamond Bits

Surface Set Diamond Bit,Surface Set Coring Bit,Surface Set Diamond Core Drill Bit

Surface set diamond bits offered by us have specific applications in soft to medium hard formations. These surface set coring bits are produced using large diamonds that are individually embedded in the matrix.......

Tags: Surface Set Diamond Mining Bits | Geological Surface Set Diamond Core Drilling Bits | PDC Core Bits, Carbide Core Bits

Diamond Wire Rope


Europe Luxury Type Spray Booth


Tags: Europe Luxury Paint Booth | Europe Luxury Spray Booth | Europe Luxury Type Spray Booth

China automatic Nylon Ultrasonic Wire Welding & Double Closed End Bottom Stop Machine, bottom stop zipper machines With Long Warranty

1. The closed end bottom stop machine applies sophisticated and stable ultrasonic system which makes welding solider. 2. Outside sticking fusible bottom stop line merges the bottom stop with monofil, which complements and improves the physical performance of bottom stop. 3. This bottom stop machine making bottom stop by wire welding by ultrasonic, Individualized bottom stop appearance design shows the perfect characteristics of zippers....

Tags: zipper machine | zipper tape making machine | Zipper Coiling Machine

Wire EDM

4 new wire machines cut shapes, forms, extrusion dies, blanking punches and other complex shapes with ease....


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