Corrugated Tile Roll Forming Machine,Wave Roll Forming Machine

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Corrugated Tile Roll Forming Machine,Wave Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated Tile Roll Forming Machine


Corrugated tile roll forming machine consists of sheet guiding equipment, mainframe transmission and roll forming system. Some final products are designed for automobile, building (such as roofing, ceiling, wall materials and dry wall (track and stud) material), gate-panel, guard-panel and sound insulation.

Component and Function
1. Sheet guiding equipment: Using guiding equipment of leader sliding block style. The width and the left or right position can be adjusted only by adjusting the leader, then the sliding block can realize left or right movement.
2. Mainframe Transmission: Transfer the main motor power to the rollers through chains and sprockets, and also transfer the coil sheet.
3. Roll forming system: The main frame of corrugated tile roll forming machine is welded separately and the outside wall is connected by screw after being roto-blasted on the surface. The rollers are surface-chrome plated after being machined by the exact machine tool.

Advantages of Wave Roll Forming Machine
1. Certificate: ISO 9001, CE
2. Designed by experienced R&D members with lifetime services
3. Introduced Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen to machine control system.
4. Roller cover with 0.05mm chrome. 82mm diameter solid steel shaft. Lifetime>10years.
5. One worker operation (minimum)
6. Heat treatment:Cutting blade. Quenched treatment: Cr12 mould steel cutter
7. Product cut-to-length.
8. Technician overseas installing and training available
9. 72mm diameter solid steel shaft

Technical Parameter of Corrugated Tile Roll Forming Machine


Pre-painted steel coil & galvanized coils
0.4 to 0.7mm
Yield strength
235 to 345Mpa
Roller material
45#Chrome steel
Forming speed
About 20m/min
Output speed
Speed adjusting mode
AC Frequency
Roller drive
Decelerating motor +Chain drive
Cutting mode
Hydraulic cutting
Cutter material
Cr12 mould steel
Length measurement
Control mode
Panasonic PLC
Operating mode
Button +Panasonic Touch screen
Main motor power(kW)
Hydraulic station motor power(kW)
2.2 kW

Components of Wave Roll Forming Machine
Feeding & guiding device
Main roll forming machine
Hydraulic cutting system
Controlling system
Run out table

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