Auto Ultrasonic Film Welding Machine,Auto Film Welding Equipment for Nylon Zipper

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Auto Ultrasonic Film Welding Machine,Auto Film Welding Equipment for Nylon Zipper

Auto Ultrasonic Film Welding Machine (TYM-205N)



Auto ultrasonic film welding machine is designed to weld double films for nylon zipper after gapping, which is equipped with fully auto device to reduce the cost and workforce by 3 times.


1. One zipper film welding equipment is common for one size.
2. Ultrasonic film sealing adopts the newest automatic frequency technology.
3. The power amplify board uses integrated module, which reduces the malfunction of power tube.
4. The equipment adopts special device in the place where the rubber cutting in order to solve die head easy broken problem.


1. Auto ultrasonic film welding machine features high efficiency. Its films will be welded firmly in 0.2 to 0.3 seconds.
2. Film welding part position can be adjusted depending on different zipper requirement.
3. Fully auto device with high stability is easy to operate, which can reduce your cost and workforce by 3 times.
4. Main electric components are from Japan, Germany, Taiwan, etc.

Parameters of Auto Ultrasonic Film Welding Machine

Model TYM-205N
Average Output 1200pcs/60cm/H
Power of zipper film welding equipment 2 HP
Voltage 1 Phase 220V
Frequency 50HZ
Dimension (L×W×H) 75 cm × 85 cm × 150 cm
Net Weight 190 kg



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